4 ways to get your Facebook page noticed

Facebook business page tips

Facebook is a HUGE – active market!  With over 750 million active users  businesses can make themselves more accessible and really be noticed by taking advantage of this popular social networking site.

Why wouldn’t you want to establish your business presence there?  No wonder there is so much excitement around Facebook for businesses.

Having a presence on Facebook does require consistent, ongoing effort but the results make it extremely worthwhile!

Here are 4 Facebook business page tips to help grow your Facebook business page:

1.   Include a link in your email signature

Including a link to your Facebook page in your email signature with a catchy graphic will gain more exposure for your Facebook page.

2.  Add a Facebook link to your website

Include a link to your Facebook page from your website.  There are many social plugins to choose from – I recommend the Like Box which enables users to like your Facebook page AND view its stream directly from your website.  If you are keeping your Facebook page fun and interesting this will encourage visitors to come to your page and join in!   CLICK HERE to access the social plugins.

3.  Promote your page in other social places!

Make sure links to your Facebook page are noticeable on your Twitter profile …. AND Google Plus if you have started using it, YouTube and any other social network you are using.  (Even if you just have a minimum presence on Google Plus for now – it is another place to share your Facebook page link).

4. Build a Welcome Page

Using a welcome page welcomes new visitors to the business. This really helps to get visitors to like your page and get your numbers up!  Take a look at other pages and see how they have set up their Welcome pages — it is a wonderful marketing opportunity.

Please leave a comment if this has helped – and if you have any Facebook business page tips to share with us – please feel free to do so!

See you on Facebook!




  1. Love your advice Bev, and I take it too!!

    • Thank you Cheryl – this means a lot! :)

    • Hi Caroline – thank you for visiting my blog! Really good to see you here!!! I agree, Wisestamp is pretty cool!!!


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