Creative Facebook Timelines

What is Facebook Timeline?

Timeline is the new look personal profile and is hugely noticeable by the very large image at the top  – also known as the cover.  You can use this space for a unique image that represents you best – so either with a photograph (Facebook automatically resizes your photographs) or with a creative image with text and/or other graphics.

You will notice, when moving around Facebook, that some people have Facebook Timeline and some do not – you can get Timeline HERE . Once you have clicked on the green “Get Timeline” button,  your Facebook profile will change to the new Timeline.  It is very user-friendly and you will see almost immediately where to upload your cover graphic, make other changes, etc.

Facebook for business Getting Creative

If you are feeling creative and want to design your own image (or have one designed for you!) the available space for your timeline is 850px x 315px.

Your profile photograph is inserted at the lower left of your timeline cover – there are some really fun Timeline covers where the photo and the cover appear as though they connect – very clever!

You could also get the Facebook app called Timeline Covers – where there are a variety of designs for you to choose from as well as the option to upload a photograph which is then saved to your profile in a folder called Timeline Covers Photos.

Have fun looking and getting ideas from these helpful links – especially the 10 Fresh Designs for Creative Inspiration!  Some very clever Timeline covers to look at!

10 Fresh Designs for Creative Inspiration
5 sites for customizing your cover photo
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    • Hi Jo – good point! You wonder if they will bring it in – just never know!!

  1. Thanks for this post. I recently enacted my timeline but have not done much to it other than choose a cover photo. I will have to look around for inspiration to make my timeline unique to me.
    Lee recently posted..My favorite technology item is….My Profile

    • Hi Lee – Thanks for commenting – great to hear from you!


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