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Creating a Facebook page When you are out and about have you noticed the ever-increasing activity with mobile phones, wireless computers, iPads, etc?

Do you think the term “the wireless age” does justice to this phenomenon?  I think it needs a more exciting reference!!

You can get things done faster, more efficiently – on-the-spot – it is wonderful!

I have been doing a little extra observing lately!  Walking past coffee shops with Free Wi-Fi  signs – (with your coffee of course!) and you see the increasing number of people sitting with laptops, mobile phones, iPads – all busily connecting with whoever / whatever they are connecting with!

Having lunch with my husband yesterday, I looked  over my shoulder at 4 small kids sitting in the corner of a restaurant – 3 of them holding iPhones  – obviously playing games – but still and quiet and entertained!  (Okay – the one without the iPhone was climbing up on the chairs and trying to get a glimpse over an available shoulder!!)

While I do, definitely, embrace fast-moving technology – you have to draw the line at someone sending a text/checking their phone or taking a long-call when you are talking to them over a coffee!!  Another beyond-rude-and-irritating is taking a call during a meal – I mean, WHO wants to listen to that????  And then of course, there is always the one who forgets to put their phone on silent at the school speech night (awfully embarrassing when it’s you though!).

Did you know that more than 350 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices?  If you want to know more about creating a page on Facebook (for your business or hobby), or improving your Facebook page – come over to our Facebook page and sign up for your FREE Facebook page checklist (with marketing tips!) from the Welcome Tab –  CLICK HERE!  If you have any questions, leave a comment below or post on our Facebook wall!




  1. I came to the site, read the post, got excited, page sent me to facebook, went there looking for the info about creating a page, got lost (wandered around Fb for a while – as you do) made effort to came back to site here to see what you meant…..

    Still cant see any “Order” or “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button anywhere…… did I miss something?
    Mark recently posted..Great VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Mark. Just want to say thanks for this invaluable feedback. I have now changed the wording in this post to direct you to my free Facebook page checklist (help when creating a business page on Facebook). It also has some bonus marketing tips in it and is a great resource when you are setting up your page!


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