Facebook and YOUR business!

  Facebook IS the NEW way of marketing – the new word-of-mouth-marketing which, when set up and managed correctly, is a massively powerful marketing tool. With over ONE BILLION active Facebook users, if your business is not on Facebook, you may be missing a huge marketing opportunity. If you would like to know more about […]

How to crop and resize images for Facebook

No, this is not about fruit juice!! Getting your images to exactly the right size for posting on Facebook can be a mystery for some and no matter what you do they still appear on your timeline with heads-chopped-off and half of it missing! That’s because they have not been sized properly for Facebook. If […]

Spark a conversation on your page!

You hear it all the time: creating engagement on your Facebook page is so important! Do you ever wonder WHY? The answer is a simple one: As your audience starts to interact on your page, they become more and more familiar with your brand. Trust and relationships develop and your posts are likely to show […]

NEW! Graph Search for Facebook

How have you found Facebook search? Using Facebook’s search has definitely caused a lot of frustration and has a reputation of not being the best! I know I have often been unable to find things using Facebook search and have had to turn to Google! Facebook has announced a new search called Graph Search – […]

FB Timeline cover photo change

No more than 20% text in cover image area With effect from January 15, 2013 Facebook is changing its policy regarding text in pages’ cover photos to no more than 20% of the image area.  (The change also applies to News Feed ads). So how we do we know what 20% of the Timeline cover […]

Social Media Strategy – What’s Yours?

What is your Facebook marketing strategy? This is a very interesting question and can sometimes leave you fumbling for an answer. Definitely among the most powerful Facebook marketing strategy is increasing word of mouth and raising brand awareness. If you can aim to have ongoing natural discussion on your Facebook page you are creating an […]

Online Timeline Maker

I have discovered this fantastic tool which is an online timeline maker and helps with your Facebook Timeline graphics. It is so cool and it helps you “slice and dice” your images to fit perfectly in your Facebook Timeline. Really easy to use, it covers three basic areas: the cover photo, the profile picture and […]

New Graphic

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