Using Facebook for Business

Word Of Mouth Power with Facebook

I recently had two very interesting, very different conversations about using Facebook for business.

Later it dawned on me that I was actually listening to real live evidence of the power of social media!  Here’s what happened:

Conversation One: was with a lady about Facebook for business in general – “I just don’t get it”! she said. “I just don’t get how people sell stuff on Facebook and make money! I just can’t fit that in to what I already have to do .”

Using Facebook for business

The barriers were up and even trying to explain produced that very-recognisable, very obvious shutters-down-I’m-not-listening look!  This is someone who wants more exposure and wants her business to be noticed.

Conversation Two: was with a very enthusiastic lady about her Facebook business page – which is GREAT and growing by the day. She positively embraces the power of social media: she is selling, she is marketing, she is engaging, she continually improves/optimises her page, she attends to her page daily and she has a great product (which I have bought and can highly recommend).

She told me about something she had ordered from another wonderful Facebook business page … which made me instantly go and look at this page  – I went further and clicked on through to the website – it was GREAT – I want to order something from it! 

What we are seeing here is Facebook word-of-mouth – in action!  A quick illustration of how a few words and positive recommendations exchanged by one fan …  can be multiplied by 100’s or 1000’s of fans as the pages grow (which these two pages are) – and the result is an explosion of your visibility … more exposure (and sales!) for your business, and more traffic for your website (when website link is displayed) …

If you “don’t get it” – wouldn’t you want to get it – for your business?  If the trend is using Facebook for business – embrace it and ride the wave!

I am sure you would like to see the two great pages mentioned above, so here they are.  Please go visit them, like them and say hi!:

Using Facebook for business







Using Facebook for business







Using Facebook for business is powerful word-of-mouth-marketing –  so give your fans quality content – make them feel welcome, have fun and let your personality shine through!

See you on Facebook! :)



  1. Great idea! The special mention is brilliant..thank you. 😀

  2. Ooh! These pages are really nice ones, and both have lovely stuff on them

    I enjoyed this post because it gives real live examples at opposed ends of the FB spectrum.


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